Ban Co Peak – Roof of Danang’s Coastal City

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi


Son Tra Peninsula (another name for Monkey Mountain) is a must-see spot on a travel itinerary in Danang, Vietnam. This is where many of the most famous places in Da Nang are concentrated such as Ban Co Peak, Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, Tien Sa Beach, etc. If you get the opportunity to Danang, please come here to explore and enjoy great moments.

In particular, Ban Co Peak is an excellent location that brings travelers to a variety of fascinating experiences. Let’s join Hue Private Taxi to learn details about Ban Co Peak and the interesting things that make it unique!

Ban Co Peak - Rooftop Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi

Where Is Ban Co Peak?

Ban Co Peak is located in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Danang City, around 20km Northwest of the city center. This structure was built at the city’s highest point, 700 meters above sea level. As a result, residents refer to this as Danang’s “rooftop”.

Furthermore, standing on Ban Co Peak, visitors may stare out to sea and enjoy a panoramic view of Da Nang from a completely new perspective. Not only that, but you can enjoy the wide space and cool atmosphere that can’t be found in the urban area.

Ban Co Peak - Rooftop Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi

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How To Go To Ban Co Peak In Danang?

The trip to Ban Co Peak from the city center is quite far. Furthermore, some roads can be winding and narrow, making it difficult for tourists unfamiliar with the area to navigate independently. As a result, choosing our private car transfer service is a great option for you.

Hue Private Taxi provides two choices for transfer by private car, so travelers can easily choose depending on the address you are staying at:

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of The Coastal Danang City - Hue Private Taxi

There are two ways to go to Ban Co Peak:

First, from Thuan Phuoc Bridge, you will follow Yet Kieu Street until you reach the People’s Navy Military Camp of the 3rd Naval Zone. Then, follow the trail to go to the peak. Although this route is simple, the scenery on both sides is nothing exceptional for visitors to see.

Second, unlike the first route, this road is quite difficult to travel because it has to overcome winding passes. Starting from Hoang Sa Street, move to Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda. After that, travel one more route to Ban Co Peak. Visitors will enjoy the wonderful views along this road.

Ideal Time To Explore The Chessboard Peak

The ideal time to visit Ban Co Peak in Da Nang is during the dry season, which runs from February to August. At this time, the weather is cool and nice, with clear blue skies. Tourists can have unforgettable experiences and take stunning pictures as memories.

Ban Co Peak In Danang City - Hue Private Taxi

Furthermore, the best times of day to reach Ban Co Peak are early morning or late afternoon. This is the best time to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise or sunset from the top of the mountain. Not only that, but this is the most exciting moment of the day.

Legend About Ban Co Peak

There are numerous legends surrounding Ban Co Peak. However, the story below has been passed down by many locals over the years.

According to the myth, there was once an old fairy who passed by Son Tra Mountain. Seeing the beauty of the land, he sat on a large rock on the top of the mountain to admire the scenery. Meanwhile, this person drew a chessboard on the rock surface.

The chessboard had not yet been set up when a well-known player named De Thich arrived and begged to play chess with the old fairy. The two characters are so great that it has been several days and there is still no winner. The chess game still resumed in the beautiful and quiet surroundings of Son Tra Mountain.

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of The Coastal Danang City - Hue Private Taxi

One day, a few fairies descended from the sky to have fun at a local beach. Today, the same beach is known by the lovely name Tien Sa, which means “place visited by fairies”. After playing freely on the beach, the fairies went to the top of the mountain to observe De Thich’s chess match with the elderly fairy.

Suddenly the fairies burst out laughing, causing De Thich to lose his concentration and make an important mistake. This allowed his opponents to knock him down and finish the game. After the chess game ended, the fairy flew back to heaven, leaving De Thich sitting in a daze, thinking about a solution but still unable to discover one.

Later, locals carved a Chinese chess board on a rock at the top of Son Tra mountain to remind them of this story. Next to the chessboard, there is a statue of De Thich sitting and looking intently at the chessboard.

Highlights Of Ban Co Peak In Danang City

Visiting Ban Co Peak, visitors will experience several interesting activities such as cloud hunting, watching the brilliant sunset and sunrise, and panoramic views of Da Nang City and beautiful beaches.

Admire The Sunset And Sunrise

Ban Co Peak, located at the highest point in Danang, is an excellent spot to see the brilliant sunset. The final rays of sunshine of the day fall on the city, creating a magical beauty that touches people’s hearts.

Ban Co Peak - Rooftop Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi

On the other hand, watching the sunrise from the summit of the mountain is like viewing a stunning landscape painting. In the early morning, this location is blanketed in a layer of drifting, magnificent clouds, making it a must-see for those who enjoy cloud hunting. Standing out with the orange and yellow colors of the sun at dawn, it creates an extremely romantic scene that is hard to find anywhere else.

Cloud Hunting

Cloud hunting atop Ban Co Peak is a favorite activity among both domestic and foreign tourists visiting Danang. Every morning, fog covers the rolling mountains. White clouds resembling silk strips slide down the mountain slopes, creating a stunning, unforgettable sight.

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi

Tourists who want to feel the drifting clouds more distinctly should travel from January to February. You will admire the beautiful scenery of the vast ocean and the hazy city under the cloud layers.

Overview Of Danang City From Above

From the summit of Ban Co, you can see a small version of Da Nang city directly in front of you. Skyscrapers, bridges of various designs, and boats floating in the sea all contribute to an unforgettable and stunning view.

Ban Co Peak In Danang City - Hue Private Taxi

Besides, witnessing the city’s magnificent lights at night is an exciting experience for visitors. Furthermore, the view here changes depending on the time of day.

Nearby Attractions

Son Tra Peninsula is an important strategic tourist location in Da Nang. In addition to Ban Co Peak, this place is home to many well-known tourist attractions, including Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, Dong Dinh Museum, Son Tra Radar Station, Tien Sa Beach, the Thousands Year Banyan Tree, etc.

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda is the most famous place of practice and worship in Da Nang. The pagoda is built on high ground and surrounded by a quiet and peaceful environment. In addition, this temple is home to Vietnam’s tallest Buddha statue, which stands at 67 meters.

Ban Co Peak In Danang City - Hue Private Taxi

Coming here, visitors can relax their souls and forget about the stresses of daily life. Furthermore, standing at the temple provides visitors with a panoramic picture of the huge ocean as well as a miniature of Danang.

Son Tra Radar Station

Son Tra Radar Station was established to observe Vietnamese territory, including sea, sky, and land. This is known as the “Eyes of Indochina” in Da Nang. Standing here, you will see the vibrant city of Da Nang from a whole different perspective.

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi

Dinh Dong Museum

Dong Dinh Museum is great for those who enjoy art, nature, and culture. This place is a clever combination of nature and local cultural and artistic life. Visitors to the Dong Dinh Museum can examine genuine works of art and old architectural works. Besides, you can learn more about the locals’ way of life.

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of The Coastal Danang City - Hue Private Taxi

Tien Sa Beach

The mythology of the lovely Tien Sa beach is intimately linked to the legend of Ban Co Peak. This beach stands out for its distinct beauty, with long stretches of white sand and crystal-clear seawater. As a result, this is becoming one of the most popular beaches in the coastal city of Da Nang. Come here, you will immerse yourself in the cool and clear water to dispel the summer sun.

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi

Regulations at Chessboard Peak

In 2019, the Son Tra Beach Ecology and Tourism Board published some regulations for tourists visiting Ban Co Peak to protect traffic safety and national security:

  • Sightseeing activities are confined to 7:30 am to 7:00 pm daily.
  • You will be given an entrance pass to the Son Tra peninsula at the guard post. Individuals who are photographers, long-term scientific researchers, or planters will receive a yellow card. In addition, the management will issue visitors a green card with a restricted duration, which they must return to the control staff within the same day.
  • Scooters and cars with more than 24 seats are barred from entering the Son Tra peninsula.
  • Tourists using motorbikes should slow down to guarantee their safety while traveling. In particular, the road is slippery on rainy days.

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi

Furthermore, there are other prohibitions that you should not breach while going here:

  • Don’t write or draw anyplace.
  • Avoid eating, drinking, and lighting fires.
  • No smoking.
  • No camping or overnight stays are permitted.
  • Littering in the prescribed sites.

Important Notes For Guests To Chessboard Peak

  • Visitors should wear comfortable clothes and shoes to facilitate movement during the trip.
  • Don’t forget to pack a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, umbrella, or jacket to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Avoid going on rainy days because the roads are slippery and difficult to move.
  • You should return after about 5 pm because traveling at night is unsafe.
  • You should save the phone number of the driver, hotel, or our staff in case of an incident.

Ban Co Peak - Roof Of Danang's Coastal City - Hue Private Taxi


In short, Ban Co Peak is a fascinating feature in Da Nang’s beautiful seaside city. Don’t wait any longer! Please join us to explore and save meaningful moments with family and friends at Ban Co Peak right now.

Hue Private Taxi wishes you a memorable journey at the highest point in Da Nang. Thank you for using our website’s Blog to discover more about this location.

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