Dong Dinh Museum – Space For Memories In Danang

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang - Hue Private Taxi


Dong Dinh Museum is a popular destination on Monkey Mountain in Danang for both domestic and international tourists. This is the first licensed private museum in Vietnam’s Central region, invested by Journalist Doan Huy Giao.

In addition, the museum spaces many objects of outstanding historical importance, ranging from 100 to 2500 years. All objects are mostly from the Vietnamese cultural civilization, the Champa culture, or China. Today, Hue Private Taxi will provide some useful information about Dong Dinh Museum for you to better understand this place.

Dong Dinh Museum - Hue Private Taxi

Dong Dinh Museum Location

The Dong Dinh Museum is located on Hoang Sa Street in Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang. This spot is built in a forbidden forest region with an area of up to 10,000 square meters.

Dong Dinh Museum - Hue Private Taxi

This site is near popular Da Nang attractions such as Tien Sa Beach, Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, Ban Co Peak, etc., so guests can combine visits to these locations in their itinerary for travel.

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How To Get To Dong Dinh Museum

The route from Da Nang’s city center to Dong Dinh Art Museum is quite easy. You just need to go along Hoang Sa Road leading to Son Tra Peninsula. After arriving at Linh Ung Pagoda, continue to turn into an alley on the left to reach the museum.

Dong Dinh Museum - Hue Private Taxi

This is considered the most picturesque sea road in the country, with mountains on one side and a wide ocean on the other. Along the way, guests will see breathtaking beauty that is rarely seen anywhere else.

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Ideal Time To Visit Museum

Like the weather of other central provinces, Da Nang’s weather is divided into two main seasons: wet and dry. Therefore, the best opportune period to visit the Museum is from March to July. The weather at this time is warm and sometimes there is light rain, which is very convenient for sightseeing and tourist activities.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang - Hue Private Taxi

Furthermore, the museum is built in a tree-covered forest, allowing travelers to visit in the morning and afternoon without worrying about the heat. Please keep in mind that the museum will be temporarily closed from September to December due to the rainy season, so visitors should avoid visiting during this time.

Dong Dinh Museum Entrance Fee

Entrance fee to Dong Dinh Museum of Art:

  • Adults: 30,000 VND/person.
  • Children under 12 years old: Free.

In addition, there is a coffee shop where tourists can sit and relax.

  • Drinking water here costs 60,000 VND.
  • Food costs range from 45,000 VND to 60,000 VND.

To satisfy the needs of visitors, the Dong Dinh Museum is open seven days a week from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

History Of Dong Dinh Museum

Dong Dinh Museum officially began operation in January 2011 intending to provide a significant cultural place for both locals and foreign tourists. This place houses and displays collections on cultural and artistic topics that Mr. Doan Duy Giao has collected for 50 years.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden - Hue Private Taxi

The museum’s design is similar to that of a garden house imbued with the traditional style of the old inhabitants of Quang Nam and Da Nang. This place brings a separate, comfortable, and tranquil environment. As a result, many famous authors have chosen this place to organize events such as creative camps and art exhibitions.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden - Hue Private Taxi

The museum’s name Dong Dinh comes from the Burmese fishtail trees growing around. These trees are also symbols of the natural ecosystem of this area. In addition, this museum is also known by another name, the Garden of Memories. This name was born because this is the place to preserve the childhood memories of Journalist Doan Huy Giao through antiques of the Dai Viet, Sa Huynh, and Champa civilizations.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang - Hue Private Taxi

What Is Attractive About Dong Dinh Museum?

The Dong Dinh Museum of Art offers a variety of places to explore, including an antique gallery, an art gallery space, a fishing village memorial hall, and an ethnographic gallery.

The Antique Exhibit House

The antique display house includes two Ruong houses built in the old architectural style of Kim Bong artisans. This area contains a large number of collections from many different cultures, particularly the 54 ethnic groups found throughout Vietnam.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden - Hue Private Taxi

Coming here, you will have the opportunity to visit typical products of Sa Huynh culture from artifacts such as stone anklets, willow leaf earrings, etc.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang City - Hue Private Taxi

Besides, this location also has a variety of collections, including Champa ceramics found in Tra Kieu (Quang Nam), Dai Viet ceramics, and ceramics from the Ly, Le, and Nguyen dynasties.

The Art Exhibition Space

The Fine Arts Exhibition Space is considered the most distinctive feature of the Dong Dinh Museum. The place is designed modernly in an ecological space in the middle of the forest. That is why many ecologists and architects have highly appreciated the area.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang - Hue Private Taxi

When you come here, you will be overwhelmed by the collection of black and white paintings by prominent artist Dinh Y combined with aesthetic masks by artist Dang Viet Trieu. They are the outcome of a masterful blend of painting and sculpting.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang - Hue Private Taxi

Not only that, but this location houses a big collection of one-of-a-kind works by ethnic minority artists from the Central and Central Highlands regions.

The Fishing Village Memorial House

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang - Hue Private Taxi

The next stop in the Dong Dinh Art Museum region is the Fishing Village Memorial House. You will observe the ancient Cham people’s fishing artifacts. In addition, this place also displays artwork depicting images of the Champa people.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang City - Hue Private Taxi

On the other hand, the body of the house is constructed from two wooden boats, three bamboo boats, and five baskets from Nam Tho village. Besides, life jackets, nets, and other fishing equipment can be found around the house. All recreate the rustic life of the people of the ancient fishing village.

Dong Dinh Museum - Hue Private Taxi

The Ethnographic Gallery

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang - Hue Private Taxi

At Dong Dinh Museum, the Ethnology Gallery is considered the most unique section. This place displays many collections and artifacts from ethnic minorities, mostly from the Highlands region. For example, wooden masks with strange shapes depict the mental and spiritual life of the ancients.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden - Hue Private Taxi

Special Attractions Near Dong Dinh Museum

Son Tra Peninsula is one of Da Nang’s most attractive tourist sites. Aside from the Dong Dinh Museum, this area is also known for the Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, Son Tra Radar Station, Ban Co Peak, Tien Sa Beach, and so on.

Linh Ung Bai But

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda is Da Nang’s most famous pagoda, attracting a huge number of visitors each year. The pagoda was constructed on a high point, thus the area is quite peaceful and comfortable. This location is also home to Vietnam’s highest Lady Buddha statue, which stands at 67 meters.

Dong Dinh Museum - Garden of Memory - Hue Private Taxi

Tourists frequently come here to relax and pray for good things in life. Furthermore, when standing on the temple grounds, you may enjoy a stunning view of the sky and ocean of Da Nang City.

Son Tra Radar Station

Son Tra Radar Station was built to observe and protect Vietnamese territory in the air, sea, and land. This is the best location for tourists looking to adventure and discover Da Nang from a military perspective. Furthermore, the radar station is known as “The Eye of Indochina” because it was built at a height of 621 meters.

Dong Dinh Museum - Garden of Memory - Hue Private Taxi

Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak was built at an altitude of 693m above sea level, known as the “roof” of Da Nang. Surrounding this place is a large, airy space with a cool atmosphere all year round. Visitors can view the beauty of clouds, sky, sea, and miniature city panoramas from a unique perspective from above.

Dong Dinh Museum - Garden of Memory - Hue Private Taxi

Travel Tips

  • The way to Dong Dinh Museum is quite easy. However, there are some steep angles to be mindful of while driving.
  • Fill your gas tank before departing because there are no gas stations near the museum.
  • You should bring insect repellant because the museum is surrounded by trees.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes for easy movement.
  • Before taking images, check with museum officials because some locations are off-limits.
  • During the rainy season, the museum will temporarily close, so we recommend that you check the Dong Dinh Museum page before moving here.

Dong Dinh Museum - Memory Garden in Danang City - Hue Private Taxi


In summary, Dong Dinh Museum is an attractive tourist location with many meaningful cultural values that travelers should not miss when visiting Da Nang, Vietnam. Hopefully, the information about the Dong Dinh Museum that Hue Private Taxi provided will be valuable to you. We wish you an unforgettable vacation in Vietnam!

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