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Son Tra Radar Station is more off the beaten track for travelers to Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang, Vietnam. It contributes a different feature to the comprehensive uniqueness of Da Nang City. Many trippers have added it to their travel lists due to its cracking position for sightseeing and rustic but charming natural surroundings.

Son Tra Radar Station on Monkey Mountain Danang - Hue Private Taxi

Moreover, those who love experiential travel start their interest in this spot. If you’re curious, let’s take a close look at Son Tra Radar Station Danang via the following travel blog by Hue Private Taxi.

Son Tra Radar Station Location

Da Nang Radar Station stands high on Son Tra Peninsula, also known as Monkey Mountain. While the peak of Son Tra Mountain (Ban Co Peak) is 693 meters above the sea, the radar station is up to 621 meters. Therefore, visitors to this destination can enjoy a fresh environment and seize awesome sights.

Danang Radar Station on the Son Tra Peninsula - Hue Private Taxi

How To Get To Son Tra Radar Station?

It is about 15 kilometers to the northeast of Da Nang City. Thus, a one-way car trip to the radar station will take roughly half an hour.

Based on starting points, there are various routes to get to the radar station on Son Tra Peninsula. Yet, it’s not too tricky, so you can follow Google Maps along the way. We recommend the two most accessible routes:

  • Find the Dragon Bridge or Thuan Phuoc Bridge. Run to the end of Tran Hung Dao Street along the river and turn right. Keep going straight to the path leading to Monkey Mountain.
  • Follow the Vo Nguyen Giap–Hoang Sa Street Route, which runs along the seaside. Go ahead until you reach Monkey Mountain.

For this trip, motorcycles, private car rentals, or jeeps are the most popular modes of transport among tourists.

You can rent a motorcycle for 150,000–200,000 VND per day and ride it to the mountain on your own. Yet, please ensure that you hire a reliable vehicle, can ride well, and know how to use the maps to avoid getting lost.

How to get to Son Tra Radar Station in Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

Additionally, if you want a more comfortable trip, you can choose a private car service. It can provide experienced drivers, good vehicles, and high flexibility.

Besides, a combo service of transport by cars or jeeps and English-speaking tour guides is available for those who want to learn all about the Son Tra Radar Station and Monkey Mountain. Check out the private cars and tours by Hue Private Taxi, as follows:

Opening Hours And Entrance Fee

Son Tra Radar Station opening hours:

  • March–September (dry season): 7:30 AM to 6 PM
  • October–February (wet season):  7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Danang Radar Station entrance fee: free of charge

Son Tra Radar Station History

With its strategic position, the Son Tra Peninsula was an important part of Vietnam’s history during the war. Hence, the Son Tra Radar Station also played a significant part.

Da Nang Radar Station - Hue Private Taxi

In 1965, it was established by the American Army for certain military missions. Its main role was to navigate the American bombers from Utapao (Thailand) and Guam Island to northern Vietnam. Besides, it acted as an observatory station for the airspace all over the East Sea.

After Reunification Day in 1975, the Vietnamese Army took control of the Son Tra Radar Station and built its third globe in 1990. Then, it maintained its chief function as a radar airspace surveillance station for several areas in Vietnam.

Son Tra Radar Station Vietnam - Hue Private Taxi

Nowadays, the divisions H90 and 375 of the Vietnamese People’s Army are in charge of the radar station. It can keep track of airspace within a 300-kilometer radius, from Dong Hoi (Quang Binh Province) to Buon Ma Thuot (Daklak Province).

Besides, it’s also a fascinating tourist attraction for trippers to Da Nang City.

Son Tra Radar Station’s Other Names

Travelers might be confused because Son Tra Radar Station has multiple names. Let’s learn about its other names and the reasons behind them.

  • Radar Station 29: Son Tra Radar Station is named Radar Station 29 after the Vietnamese Army controlled it. From then on, its mission is to supervise the extensive airspace of Vietnam and surrounding areas.
  • Indochina God’s Eye (or mắt thần Đông Dương): This title originates from its 621-meter-high position and 300-kilometer observatory radius. These allow the station to scan over the Indochina region (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia), Hong Kong, and Hainan Island. Interestingly, its three white globes also look like eyes.
  • Son Tra Radar No. 1 (or radar Sơn Trà 1): A new radar station was also set up on the Son Tra Peninsula. Therefore, they also call this Son Tra Radar 1 to differentiate it from the second one.

Second Radar Station On Son Tra Peninsula

If you find Son Tra Radar in Google Maps, two stations will pop up at a close distance from each other. It’s because a new radar station started to go into operation on Son Tra Mountain Da Nang in 2016.

Second Radar Station on the Son Tra Peninsula - Hue Private Taxi
Second Radar Station on the Son Tra Peninsula – Hue Private Taxi

It serves as a radar data processing system for the Danang Flight Operation Center. Although it’s not as high-positioned and large as the old one, some travelers drop by to visit it. You can also add it to your trip to Monkey Mountain. It offers a nice background for pictures, but unfortunately, you cannot get inside.

What Is Special About Radar Station Danang?

Compared to other attractions on Monkey Mountain and in Da Nang City, Son Tra Radar Station is less popular. However, those who love to discover and reach offbeat spots might be interested in this place. Now, let’s take an insight into its special features with Hue Private Taxi.

Unique Structure Amid Natural Settings

The Son Tra Radar Station stands prominently amongst the trees and bushes thanks to its intriguing structure. From afar, visitors can see its three white, giant globes notably protruding out from the green mountain.

Radar Station in Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

These globes’ shells were made of composite materials and painted in pure white. Its appearance, printed on the open blue sky, creates a dreamlike view. It promises holidaymakers a nice sight and adorable pictures.

Unfortunately, you cannot freely enter the structure without the authorities’ permission due to its military purposes. Normally, it’s quite complicated for visitors to get this permission.

Vantage Point For Panoramic Views

On top of all that, Son Tra Radar Station seems to fascinate many trippers due to its location, which provides a charming bird’s-eye view. Standing at an altitude of 621 meters, you can embrace the dreamlike scenery of Da Nang City.

Danang Radar Station - Hue Private Taxi

After following the winding road up to the radar station on Monkey Mountain Da Nang, you will get a reward from nature. An attractive setting of mountains, forests, and the ocean may help lessen your stress. Therefore, it’s a real experiential journey for many.

Background For Check-In Photos

If you’re keen on taking pictures during your trip, Son Tra Radar Station is a good place for a photo background. It offers natural surroundings, a pleasant environment, peaceful vibes, and cool round shapes of ivory balls for your check-in photos.

Son Tra Radar Station Vietnam - Hue Private Taxi

Apart from the station site itself, you will find more nature-themed places for check-in pictures along the way. The journey to discover Da Nang Radar Station is not only about the final destination but also the process of getting there. Indeed, it promises you a memorable trip.

Check-in at Son Tra Peninsula - Hue Private Taxi

Ideal Place For Sunrise And Sunset Moments

While many consider Ban Co Peak the perfect place to watch the dawn and twilight, Son Tra Radar Station is another decent alternative. Its location of 621 meters above the sea opens you to a nice sight of both sunrise and sunset.

Sunset on Da Nang Radar Station - Hue Private Taxi

Scenic Route To Son Tra Radar Station

As mentioned, you will bump into other scenic points on the path up to Son Tra Radar Station in Da Nang. It would be very exciting to watch alluring natural scenes pass by en route.

Clearly, Son Tra Peninsula, or Monkey Mountain, is a sought-after destination for visitors to Da Nang City, especially adventurers. It possesses various impressive attractions, from landscapes to seascapes. Thus, you should spare a day or at least half a day to discover everything on the mountain beside the radar station.

Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

Nearby Attractions

Vong Canh House

Vong Canh House is right next to Son Tra Radar Station. Therefore, it should be on the list of any visitors to Monkey Mountain. It’s a simple, spacious house situated on a cliff sticking out towards the sea.

Hence, it offers visitors an open sight of the peninsula and the East Sea. You can take in Danang’s seascapes, the vague manifestation of Hai Van Pass, and even Lang Co Beach in Hue City.

Vong Canh House Danang - Hue Private Taxi

Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak, or Chessboard Peak, is another place that many visitors include in their trip to Monkey Mountain. It’s 5 kilometers away from Son Tra Radar Station, so you can choose to drop by it before or after the station, depending on the route you take.

Ban Co Peak is famous for being the highest place on the Son Tra Peninsula, with an altitude of 693 meters. It features a breathtaking panorama of Da Nang City and refreshing natural surroundings.

Ban Co Peak - Chessboard Peak Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

Dong Dinh Museum

Dong Dinh Art Museum is a bit farther from Radar Station Danang than the above spots (11 kilometers), but it’s worth a visit. Those who want to find a haven imbued with nature and vintage structures cannot miss out on this venue.

In addition, it is likened to an eco-garden with green trees and historic relics, including old houses and fishing villages. Hence, it will give you a tranquil breath after long days busy with daily bustles.

Dong Dinh Museum - Hue Private Taxi

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula is among the three sacred Linh Ung Pagodas in Danang City. It stands out as the tallest Lady Buddha statue in Vietnam and the southeastern area (67 meters). Moreover, you can savor the holy, calm atmosphere and striking vista there.

It’s near Dong Dinh Museum and 12 kilometers from Son Tra Radar Station.

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda on the Son Tra Peninsula - Hue Private Taxi

Travel Advice On Radar Station Danang

Best time to visit: The dry season in Danang, which occurs from March to August, is the best time to visit Son Tra Radar Station and other spots in general. It has longer days without rain, cloudy skies, or thick fog, which is favorable for traveling and sightseeing. In the wet season, there are sunny days, but they’re unpredictable.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes and sports shoes are highly advisable, as you will stay outdoors and move around a lot.

What to bring: You should bring sunscreen, bug sprays, hats or light jackets to avoid fierce heat, snacks, bottled water, and fully charged phones or cameras.

Where to stay: Accommodations and even camping are not provided on Monkey Mountain. Hence, you can only visit the mountain during the day and get down to the city for lodging.

What to eat: Restaurants and other tourist services are unavailable on Son Tra Peninsula. Thus, you should bring some snacks and beverages with you on the trip, but please do not litter. If you want local foods, Quang noodles, rice paper pork rolls (bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo), and other dishes are ready at the foothills and in the city center.

Safety notices:

  • If you choose to ride to the peninsula on your own, you shouldn’t use scooters or any automatic motorcycles because they’re not strong enough for its tough roads.
  • You should pick manual motorcycles and check their engines and gasoline tanks carefully before going.
  • Since the paths on the Son Tra Peninsula are quite tricky and bendy, please be attentive and less speedy for safety.
  • If you want to enter the radar station, you have to get permission from the authorities.
  • Please stay alert to dangerous spots while touring around, as the geography there is rough and rocky.


In conclusion, Son Tra Radar Station Danang deserves a visit with its fresh surroundings, eye-catching vistas, and unique structures. It promises to be a memorable part of your journey to Monkey Mountain in Da Nang City.

Via this travel blog, Hue Private Taxi hopes to provide you with good information, deep insights, and useful advice for your trip. Thanks for reading.

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