Thousands Year Banyan Tree On Son Tra Peninsula

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi


With an age that far surpasses yours and mysterious stories surrounding it, the Thousands Year Banyan Tree has become a symbol of the Son Tra peninsula. Thanks to the natural surroundings, it turns out one of the most attractive tourist destinations on Son Tra Peninsula Danang. 

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Get ready to explore the Thousands Year Banyan Tree waiting for you with Hue Private Taxi.

History Of Son Tra Banyan Tree

Found in 1771 on the Son Tra Peninsula, the Thousands Year Banyan Tree On Son Tra Peak remained a mystery until 2014, when scientists finally determined its age to be an impressive 800 years. Its remarkable longevity has been honored as “Vietnam’s heritage banyan tree”.

With a circumference of 25m and 26 secondary roots penetrating deep into the ground, each root rising like arms that shape and restore wonders.

Nestled between the forest and the sea. The thousand-year-old banyan tree, accompanied by its brethren, forms a unique tableau akin to an oil painting. This captivating sight draws a multitude of visitors year after year.

Besides the beauty of the Thousands Year Banyan Tree, this place also contains historical value and mysticism.

  • About the historical value, the ancient Banyan trees were chosen as a revolutionary base in the resistance war against the French and Americans. 
  • About the mystical, There is a folk story about the banyan tree Danang: “This ancient banyan tree in the wilderness is said to have been the place where deities descended to earth long ago, spiritually forming the ancient banyan tree that has existed for a long time with its majestic shape, abundance, and vigorous vitality, thus enduring as such”. 

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

In consequence, this is an intriguing place for many tourists. Many Taoist hermits and visitors have come to this place, moved and feeling the sacredness of the banyan tree, leaving behind these lines of poetry.

“Who can understand the old tree’s shadow

Standing alone in front of the thousand winds

A myriad of demons dance in the leaf dome

A thousand years under the root, a stick of incense.”

(Author: Giap Viet)

Location Of Thousands Year Banyan Tree 

The Banyan Tree in Son Tra is along the path from North Beach (Bai Bac Beach) leading to Rock Rapids and Mui Nghe. It stands at an elevation of 700 meters on the eastern fringe of the Son Tra peninsula, distanced 2 km from Mui Nghe and 11 km from the Linh Ung Pagoda.

The road to thousands year banyan tree on Son Tra mountain peak is quite difficult for tourists when they first time come here due to a broad sea lies on one side, with the bending slopes of mountains on the other. 

 Ways To Ancient Banyan Tree

There are many ways to get to thousands year banyan tree on Son Tra mountain peak. Yet The most straightforward route is:

  • Start at the Han River Bridge.
  • Head to My Khe Beach.
  • Follow the Hoang Sa coastline to the Linh Ung Pagoda.
  • Look for a T-junction and a guidepost indicating the direction to the “heritage banyan tree”.
  • Follow the guidepost and go down a small alley for a short distance.

Alternatively, if you’re familiar with the route to Ban Co Peak (Chessboard Peak), you can make a right turn at the T-junction. Continue on this path until you spot the banyan tree. However, be aware this route is quite steep and potentially hazardous, so it’s crucial to ensure you have a skilled driver before embarking on this journey.

You can go to Giant Banyan Trees or Surrounding sightseeing places via many vehicles like cars, taxis, motorcycles, and local buses. but to avoid troubles when you first come to Vietnam such as traffic congestion, and price inflation. Hue Private Taxi highly recommends 

The Best Time To Visit

The timing of your visit plays an essential role in your experience as the banyan tree presents a unique spectacle at different times. No matter when you visit, there will always be interesting things waiting for you to discover.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

However, given the distance to the thousand-year-old banyan tree. It’s recommended to avoid rainy days or late departures for your journey. The trip can become hazardous in the rain or after sunset, diminishing the enjoyment of the beautiful scenery.

We recommend time to start is early in the morning to capture the breathtaking views of the sea and the dawn. If you prefer an afternoon visit, ensure you start early and plan to descend the mountain before 4 to 5 p.m.

Things To Do In The Thousands Year Banyan Tree

You may wonder about things that make Da Nang’s thousand-year banyan tree interesting. 

Applauding The Majestic Old Banyan Tree

With fierce vitality and majestic beauty, the thousand-year-old banyan tree in Da Nang always urges tourists to wonder and want to come here to witness. 

Tourists can come here to immerse themselves in the verdant oasis of the banyan complex, a sanctuary where nature’s bounty is on full display. In addition, you can observe the towering majesty of the banyan trunk, a natural monument that stands as a testament to the passage of time. The many layers of vibrant green leaves cascade down, piling up to create a breathtaking tapestry that paints a gorgeous landscape.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Capturing Picture With Thousands year Banyan Trees

This place contains a beautiful landscape as a fairy tale. Hue Private Taxi bet that you will want to put on your most beautiful clothes and come here to take exquisite photos with Thousands Year Banyan Trees. In addition, this is an ideal spot for soon-to-be-married couples, where they transform into a prince and princess for their wedding photos.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Watching The Red-Shanked Douc Langurs

Thousand-Year-Old Banyan Tree in Son Tra Da Nang is the home of Red-shanked Douc Langurs. This habitat provides accommodations as well as food for them. Therefore, you can see many red-shanked douc langurs activities on the tree when come here. Remember to put your cameras or smartphones up to capture the moment of this special species.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Exploring The Jungle

Beyond admiring the magnificent of Thousands Year Banyan Trees. There is a growing tendency for tourists to combine tourism and exploring nature. Son Tra Peninsula, or Monkey Mountain is regarded as a green lung of Danang because of the diversity of nature. For that reason, you can come here to explore ecotourism with your friends or relatives to enhance your health and Investigate nature.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Nearby Destinations In Son Tra Peninsula

Apart from the ancient giant banyan tree, We want to introduce to you another interesting destination in the Son Tra Peninsula 

Mui Nghe

This is one of three mountains of Son Tra Peninsula. Tourists can come here to find out about this place’s “special name”. You have to come here once to take photos of the sunrise there. It will never let you down.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Linh Ung Pagoda

A sacred place that you shouldn’t when on the journey to Thousands Year Banyan Tree. Visitors can come here to admire the 67-meter-tall statue of Guanyin facing the sea and discover the mystic story about that statue.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Tien Sa Lighthouse

Son Tra Lighthouse is a historic beacon located on the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang City, Vietnam. Built in 1902 by the French, it is one of the oldest lighthouses in the country and showcases a unique French architectural style. Guests can come here to witness the special architecture and Witness the dawn’s early light.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Deer Banyan Tree

The Deer Banyan Tree, situated near the ancient banyan tree, is another noteworthy location. Its unique shape, resembling a colossal deer standing amidst the forest, exudes an eerie beauty that will pique your curiosity and leave you utterly fascinated.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Ban Co Peak 

Far from ancient Son Tra Banyan Trees 5 km. you shouldn’t ignore this destination is regarded as the roof of the mountain. You can see a panorama ravishing picture of Danang City. 

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Must-Try Speciality When Visiting Danang Banyan Tree

After the journey, you may want to drop by somewhere to try the local food of the beach city, Danang. We recommend some delicious dishes for you here


Blessed by its proximity to the sea, Da Nang’s seafood is always at its freshest. No need for elaborate preparation – just steam it with lemongrass and serve it with a divine dipping sauce. This simple delight leaves countless tourists with unforgettable memories.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Bun Cha Ca

You can find Bun Ca all over Vietnam. Perhaps, Bun Ca in Da Nang will keep you awake with the aroma and dreamy freshness of each piece of Cha Ca.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Chicken Rice

if you want to enjoy a delicious meal and have enough energy to discover the Danang Thousand year banyan tree or other famous destinations. This dish is a clever choice for you. A portion of chicken crispy on the outside and tenderly moist on the inside, with a richly flavored sauce will leave a lasting impression on you.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Sweat Soup

Another special local food that you may want to try is Sweet soup. Under the high temperature of the summer in Danang, Nothing is better than enjoying a cool sweet soup.

Thousands year banyan tree Hue Private Taxi

Travel Tips When Visiting Age-old Banyan Tree

  • You can bring along some of your favorite dishes or drinks when you come here, allowing you to enjoy your preferred meals amidst this stunning scenery.
  • insect repellent will be a useful companion for you when coming here.
  • If you want to try local food, Hue Private Taxi highly recommends enjoying it via street vendors to experience the simplicity and hospitality of the people in Da Nang.

Notes For Visitors to Thousands Year Banyan Tree

  • The way: the road to Da Nang’s thousand-year banyan tree is extreme. Therefore, you should come here in the Clear skies with no sign of rain. Specifically, you can follow the climate via Google before the journey.
  • visiting hours: the suitable time for you to visit is in the morning when you can have the idyllic view between the lush green forest and the clear blue ocean. Arranging time to reach this destination from the early morning to twilight is not a bad idea because the road is difficult to back, especially in the evening.
  • The Transport: The way to the Banyan Tree Danang via scooter is not allowed. Hence, you have to come here by car or gear motorcycle. For the utmost convenience, you should book a private car, or a private tour of Hue Taxi Private Tour to save many meaningful times in Son Tran Peninsula as much as possible.
  • respect nature: The thousand-year-old banyan tree in Son Tra Da Nang is one of the crucial pieces of natural heritage. Therefore you need to protect and respect it as well as the near landscape.


Thousand-Year-Old Banyan Tree in Son Tra Da Nang always awakes the curious inside of each tourist who comes to Danang Beach City.

If you have a chance, you must come here once to immerse yourself in the gorgeous landscape, explore nearby locations, and try local food.

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