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Tien Sa Lighthouse - Hue Private Taxi


Tien Sa Lighthouse, or Son Tra Lighthouse, is among the off-beat but intriguing attractions on Monkey Mountain Da Nang. It’s known for being the oldest lighthouse on the Son Tra Peninsula, with 122 years of operation. Apart from its historical significance, it offers travelers imposing views and fresh nature.

Tien Sa Lighthouse on Monkey Mountain - Hue Private Taxi

Let’s learn more about the special features of Tien Sa Lighthouse Da Nang through the blog compiled by Hue Private Taxi.

Tien Sa Lighthouse Location

Tien Sa Lighthouse is nestled on Son Tra Mountain’s side slope, 20 kilometers to the east of the Da Nang city center.

Situated at an altitude of over 200 meters above the sea, it’s at the east end of the Son Tra Peninsula. Thus, visitors to this location can embrace great seascapes, which develops a huge fascination among nature lovers and adventurers.

Son Tra Lighthouse in Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

How To Get To Tien Sa Lighthouse?

The route to Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang is rough, bendy, and sometimes narrow, but easy to find.

Starting from the city center, you run along the streets of Vo Nguyen Giap and Hoang Sa until you come across the intersection at InterContinental Resort. You turn left and continue to go ahead for 2 kilometers until you see a junction. Then, you turn left onto the path leading to the lighthouse.

There is a parking lot at the lighthouse’s management office. You leave your vehicle there and start trekking along the lovely, rustic path to the lighthouse site.

Small Track To Tien Sa Lighthouse - Hue Private Taxi
Small Track To Tien Sa Lighthouse – Hue Private Taxi

With occasional narrow paths, manual motorcycles and mountain bikes are the most preferable vehicles to travel to Son Tra Lighthouse. You can rent a motorcycle at 150,000–200,000 VND per day.

Besides Son Tra Lighthouse on Monkey Mountain, you might want to visit other incredible attractions such as Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, Vong Canh House, Ban Co Peak, etc. Please check out our tour services for more:

Opening Hours And Entrance Fee

Tien Sa Lighthouse opening hours: 05:00–21:00

  • Son Tra Lighthouse’s operation time is between 6 PM and 6 AM, but visitors can come anytime between 5 AM and 9 PM.
  • Visiting between 5 AM and 6 PM is recommended, as there is no proper lighting on the mountain during the night.

Tien Sa Lighthouse entrance fee: 20,000 VND/person

  • Online payment methods aren’t available, so please prepare cash.

Best Time To Visit

In terms of the time in a day, please refer to the below advice for the best timing for the Danang Tien Sa Lighthouse:

  • 5–6 AM: It’s sunrise time when visitors can enjoy a tranquil and fresh atmosphere on Monkey Mountain. Yet, it might not be bright enough to travel easily.
  • 7–9 AM: It’s suitable for those planning to get there in the morning. During this time, the heat is usually not too intense.
  • 3–5 PM: It’s cool during this time in the afternoon.
  • 5–5:20 PM: It’s beautiful sunset time. However, visitors might confront the dark way downhill after watching the sunset.
  • 6 PM–6 AM: It’s unsuitable for visiting. The lighthouse does its job as a guide for ships on the sea, so no one can get inside. Also, it gets very dark and dangerous during this time.

Son Tra Ancient Lighthouse - Hue Private Taxi

In terms of season, you should visit Tien Sa Lighthouse during the dry season, from February to August. It might get very hot sometimes, but at least there is no rain or cloudy days, which gives bad views and risky transport.

Facts About Tien Sa Lighthouse Da Nang

Tien Sa Lighthouse, or Son Tra Lighthouse, was built in the fifties of the eighteenth century by the French, but it didn’t go into operation until 1902. Its first function was to give guidance and warnings for ships in and out of the Tien Sa Port, Da Nang.

Tien Sa is the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam and in Da Nang. Over the past 122 years, it has still played a crucial role as a guide for the local fishermen during tough working days on the sea.

Da Nang Tien Sa Lighthouse - Hue Private Taxi

Son Tra Lighthouse is 15 meters high, 2.7 meters wide, and 238,4 meters high from its heart to the sea level. Its structure consists of two main parts: a cylinder base and a light head. Moreover, it’s painted white and yellow with a green door, which is the typical color pattern of French architecture in Indochina. Watching from afar, it looks like an adorable tiny palace nestled inside the fairytale jungle.

Son Tra Danang Lighthouse - Hue Private Taxi

If you get inside the lighthouse, you will see a narrow staircase leading to its main light. Besides, they keep another secure light there in case the main light has problems.

Once you stand up there, you can take in a wondrous panoramic view of Tien Sa Beach and Son Tra Forest. Therefore, it attracts many holidaymakers who love nature, new adventures, and local cultural sites.

Tien Sa Lighthouse - Hue Private Taxi

What To See At Tien Sa Lighthouse?

Tien Sa Lighthouse on Da Nang Son Tra Peninsula has great charms for many reasons. It features striking architecture, untouched natural scenes, a gorgeous bird’s-eye view, and certain cultural-historical significance. Let’s get more details about this unique spot.

Impressive Architectural Design

The first impression a person might have of the Tien Sa Lighthouse is its outstanding structure. Imbued with French architecture, it strikes visitors with a vintage but somehow modern design with vivid colors.

Da Nang Lighthouse on the Son Tra Peninsula - Hue Private Taxi

It created an eye-catching palette of a yellow and white building, an emerald door, green plants, and the blue sea. That harmonious picture promises to fulfill your day trip to Monkey Mountain in Danang.

Poetic Natural Scenery

Apart from the lighthouse itself, its surroundings with wild plants, an open sky, and the extensive sea are other charming points for visitors. Many find this dreamlike vista as a reward for their trips. It creates a mixture of tranquility and excitement.

Ancient Lighthouse in Da Nang City - Hue Private Taxi

You must watch the weather forecast carefully and make sure to come on a sunny day to relish its brightest beauty. What’s more wonderful than letting nature heal your soul after tiring days full of urban hustle?

Panoramic View Of Son Tra Peninsula

As mentioned, Tien Sa Lighthouse boasts an imposing location of 223 meters above the sea. As a result, it offers visitors a favorable position to seize a panorama of Son Tra Mountain’s seascape.

Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

Son Tra Lighthouse Vietnam is a separate building standing tall amidst the skies and seas. Hence, your eyesight is free from any obstruction to grasp all the views. Also, don’t forget to climb up to the main light room, where you can watch the seas and distant skyscrapers in Da Nang City.

Vantage Point For Unique Photos

More interestingly, besides sightseeing, you can take cool souvenir check-in photos at this lovely venue. Its combination of nature and artistic structure gives travelers many check-in chances. Some believe early mornings and twilights are ideal for photography.

Tien Sa Lighthouse Vietnam - Hue Private Taxi

You can deliberately create unique photos at Tien Sa Lighthouse in Da Nang. Plus, we would like to suggest some spots at which many love to get their poses:

  • On the top of the lighthouse (the room for the main light)
  • Outside the lighthouse, you can catch the whole building and its surroundings in your pictures
  • Along the tree-lined trail leading to the lighthouse
  • Next to the wooden sign with its name “TIEN SA – HẢI ĐĂNG CỔ” (Tien Sa – the ancient lighthouse)
  • Along the rock cliff leading to the refreshing sea (Be careful because this trail is quite dangerous to go on.)

Da Nang Son Tra Lighthouse - Hue Private Taxi

Best Sunset Moments

Vacationers can get stunning sunset moments at many spots in Monkey Mountain. However, the twilight view in Tien Sa Lighthouse is a favorite of many.

Once the sun sets, you will get immersed in an alluring space of twilight pink. Its blue sky turns glamorous red and golden with floating, colorful clouds. It will treat your eyes to a heart-melting vision you will never forget.

To catch this moment, we advise you to visit the lighthouse at about 3 PM and relish its daylight beauty before watching the sunset at 5 PM. Moreover, please carry a torch or other lighting devices to easily and safely find the way down later.

Fascinating Track To Tien Sa Lighthouse

As stated, the route to Tien Sa Lighthouse has two parts: in Da Nang city center and on the Son Tra Peninsula. Before getting to the lighthouse, you can enjoy the lovely, varying views along this route.

In the first half, you will run along the seaside track from Vo Nguyen Giap Street to Hoang Sa Street until you reach the Monkey Mountain foothills. It boasts a splendid seascape and captivating beaches.

In the second half, you will travel through a 13-kilometer forested track on Monkey Mountain. It brings you scenic views and the invigoration created by nature.

Winding road to Monkey Mountain with sea views - Hue Private Taxi
Winding road to Monkey Mountain with sea views – Hue Private Taxi

Furthermore, you should drop by other Monkey Mountain tourist attractions en route instead of only visiting the Danang ancient lighthouse. Refer to the list below for more suggestions.

Must-See Attractions Near Son Tra Lighthouse

Thousands Year Banyan Tree

The Thousands Year Banyan Tree and Tien Sa Lighthouse are pretty close, only 4 kilometers apart. Son Tra Banyan Tree impresses tourists with its admirable lifespan of over 1000 years. Except for that, it’s known for its majestic appearance with a 10-meter circumference and 26 25-meter-wide side roots.

Thousands Year Banyan Tree Da Nang Vietnam - Hue Private Taxi

Considered the “heritage banyan tree of Vietnam,” it offers both stunning sights to watch and cultural-historical significance to learn about.

Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak, or Chessboard Peak, is about 10 kilometers away from Tien Sa Lighthouse. As they’re on the same route, many travelers add the site to their trip to Monkey Mountain. It steals trippers’ hearts thanks to the highest point on the Son Tra Peninsula, at 693 meters above sea level.

Ban Co Peak Danang - Hue Private Taxi

With such a position, it’s clearly the best place to catch a panoramic view of Da Nang City and the East Sea. Interestingly, it has a unique statue of the De Thich Chess Fairy, a distinguished feature of this place.

Vong Canh House And Son Tra Radar Station

Vong Canh House and Son Tra Radar Station are two tourist attractions very close to each other, 14 kilometers from Son Tra Lighthouse. Vong Canh House in Da Nang features a simple pavilion that can provide an unbelievable landscape vision for visitors.

Vong Canh House on Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

Similarly, Son Tra Radar Station Danang offers tourists a wondrous point for sightseeing. Also, its intriguing structure of three huge globes is worth seeing.

Son Tra Radar Station - Hue Private Taxi

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda is 12 kilometers from Son Tra Lighthouse on Monkey Mountain. It boasts a large area of 20 hectares and various Buddhist structures to see.

You can visit the Asian-style architectural details, such as Main Hall, Loc Uyen Garden, and Lam Ty Ni Garden. In particular, you can admire Vietnam’s tallest Lady Buddha statue, which is 67 meters high.

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula - Hue Private Taxi

Travel Notes

  • You should travel by manual motorcycle for the best safety. Because the road contains many sharp bends and steep slopes, scooters or other automatic vehicles might not be strong enough to go smoothly.
  • Please make sure you can keep track of your maps and ride your vehicle well. Also, check your vehicles’ engines and gasoline carefully.
  • During your visit to the lighthouse, please choose safe spots to stand on and avoid leaning too hard on the banisters for safety.
  • You shouldn’t stay there too late, especially after 6 PM. We suggest visiting between 5 AM and 5:30 PM only.
  • Comfortable clothes and sports/hiking shoes are highly advisable.
  • What to bring: a light jacket in case of intense heat, hats, insect repellents, bottled water, snacks, and fully charged phones
  • There are no food or accommodation services at Monkey Mountain. You can only visit the mountain during the day and come back to the city for food and lodging.
  • You can bring snacks, but please do not litter.
  • It costs 20,000 VND to visit Tien Sa Lighthouse, so please take some cash with you.


To sum up, Tien Sa Lighthouse on Da Nang Monkey Mountain deserves praise thanks to its historical significance, cultural features for the locals, incredible natural scenery, and charming structure. If you love to discover more about Da Nang City, you shouldn’t miss out on this chance.

Hue Private Taxi wishes you a nice trip to the Son Tra Peninsula and its ancient lighthouse. Thanks for reading.

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