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Vong Canh House - Hue Private Taxi


Vong Canh House is one of the top attractions for visitors to Monkey Mountain in Da Nang, Vietnam. It always appears on Da Nang tourists’ travel lists thanks to an open space imbued with pure nature breath.

What is so curious about this venue? Let’s reveal all about Vong Canh House Da Nang with Hue Private Taxi through the following blog.

Vong Canh House on Son Tra Peninsula Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

Where Is Vong Canh House?

Vong Canh House, sometimes known as Son Tra Scenic House, is a popular tourist attraction on the Son Tra Peninsula, or Monkey Mountain, in Da Nang City. This place is about 15 kilometers from the Da Nang city center.

It’s situated on a cliff overlooking the sea. Moreover, a highlight of its location is that it is 650 meters above sea level. Therefore, travelers who love to conquer tricky roads, admire immense sea views, and take in a forested atmosphere can hardly miss out on this spot.

Da Nang Vong Canh House - Hue Private Taxi

How To Get To Vong Canh House?

With a 15-kilometer distance from Danang downtown, it will take around 30 minutes to get to Vong Canh House. As the route has sharp slopes and several bends, you should select suitable types of transportation for your trip. Some suggestions are:

By car or taxi: This is the most comfortable and safe way. It’s suitable for tourist groups. Refer to the following private taxi options:

With tours: You can visit other tourist attractions in Monkey Mountain beside Vong Canh House. Tours usually provide everything for you, from transfers by cars or jeeps to English-speaking tour guides. So, you might care about the below Monkey Mountain tours:

Visitors on our tour to Vong Canh House Danang - Hue Private Taxi
Visitors on our tour to Vong Canh House Danang – Hue Private Taxi

By motorcycle: Those who prefer adventurous trips will love to travel by motorcycle. It gives travelers more space for trip flexibility. You can hire a motorcycle for 150,000–200,000 VND per day.

Entrance Fee And Opening Time

  • Vong Canh House entrance fee: Free of charge
  • Opening hours: 24 hours, every day

We recommend travelers visit all attractions on Monkey Mountain only between 5 AM and 6 PM. If it gets dark, it may not be safe for visitors.

Best Time To Visit Vong Canh House

As Vong Canh House in Da Nang is an outdoor attraction, weather is an important factor in your trip experience. Many believe the best time to visit it is from February to August (the dry season). Without frequent rainy days and cloudy skies, it becomes safe and easy for tourists to enjoy their visit.

A check-in viewpoint at Vong Canh House on Monkey Mountain - Hue Private Taxi

During the day, people love to visit this place at sunrise (5-6 AM) and sunset (5-5:30 PM). Besides, if you go in the summer, the 6-9 AM and 3-5 PM sections are good for avoiding intense heat.

Please be careful if you go to Son Tra Mountain after 6 PM or during the wet season (September to January).

What To Do In Vong Canh House Da Nang?

Watch Panoramic Views At 650-Meter Height

As mentioned, Vong Canh House on Monkey Mountain boasts an ideal altitude of 650 meters above the sea. Therefore, it welcomes holidaymakers to a breathtaking picture involving extensive spaces, large seas, islands, beaches, and lush forests.

Vong Canh House on Son Tra Mountain - Hue Private Taxi

Prominently, you will come across three adorable attractions in Da Nang: Hon Son Cha Island (Hon Chao Islet or Pearl Island) meandering along the coast; Son Tra Radar Station protruding out from the mountain; and distant Hai Van Pass.

More interestingly, at this high spot, clouds usually float around, creating a dreamlike vision that any heart can melt into. Hence, don’t miss a chance to relish the heavenly, refreshing nature at this venue.

Da Nang Vong Canh House - Hue Private Taxi

Take Impressive Check-In Photos

Whether you like artistic photographs with a camera, simple souvenir photos, or cool selfies, Vong Canh House on Son Tra Peninsula has something to offer. It possesses dreamy surroundings with open skies, layers of clouds, and lush jungles.

Vong Canh House site as an ideal background for photos - Hue Private Taxi
Vong Canh House site as an ideal background for photos – Hue Private Taxi

This background will capture many cinematic souls, especially nature enthusiasts. If you’re lucky, you can run into several monkeys, iconic animals of this mountain, here and there.

Admire The Best Sunrises And Sunsets

Sunrise and sunset moments at Vong Canh House on Son Tra Mountain are sought after by many travelers. The scenery at dawn and twilight brings a different mood to visitors.

Sunrise moment at Vong Canh House Danang - Hue Private Taxi

If you come when the sun rises, you will see the fog disappear and the first sunlight show up. That moment comes with the fresh air and pure vistas of the new day, which promise to be healthy and memorable for any sightseer.

If you want to enjoy a poetic atmosphere and beautiful melancholy, sunset moments on Monkey Mountain watching from Vong Canh House are perfect for you. However, please note that you shouldn’t get there after 5:30–6 PM or in the wet season for safety.

Sunset moment at Vong Canh House - Hue Private Taxi

Picnic With Great Views

Some travelers are keen on going for a picnic at Vong Canh House Da Nang. Indeed, it’s a decent place for a picnic with spacious spots to lay picnic blankets and nice scenery, especially at dawn when it isn’t crowded and has beautiful views.

You can call for your friend group, bring some snacks, and chill out at this place. Yet, please clean up and take all the trash when you leave. It’s really important to keep the place tidy and intact.

Vong Canh House in Monkey Mountain Danang - Hue Private Taxi

Available Tourist Services At Vong Canh House

Danang Vong Canh House is one of the rare attractions on Monkey Mountain with tourist facilities such as a cafeteria, a souvenir shop, a WC, and parking lots.

Vong Canh House in Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

According to many reviews, the service prices at the cafeteria are reasonable, around 2 USD for a cup of coffee or coconut water. Plus, it provides tables and chairs for customers.

Cafeteria at Vong Canh House in Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

In addition, the souvenir shop sells good stuff that is not random but symbolizes Son Tra Mountain’s features. You can do some window-shopping and take photos, or support the local sellers by buying some items to take home.

However, you shouldn’t expect excellent facilities, as it’s quite difficult to set up good services at such a high spot.

Besides, restaurants and accommodations are unavailable on the Son Tra Peninsula. Therefore, you should only plan a day trip and return to Da Nang downtown for other services.

Other Attractions Near Vong Canh House

Besides Vong Canh House, Monkey Mountain has various tourist attractions that you should drop by on your journey. Combining several spots to make the most of your trip is a wise idea. Take a look at the below recommendations for more:

Son Tra Radar Station

Son Tra Radar Station is right next to Vong Canh House, only 400 meters away. Why not drop by this “Indochina’s God Eye”? That special title evokes its appearance as well as its impressive location.

Son Tra Radar Station in Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

It features three white globes prominently standing at an altitude of 621 meters above the sea. From there, travelers can embrace another angle of the Son Tra Peninsula and the East Sea. Moreover, it provides an imposing panoramic view of Da Nang and lovely natural surroundings.

Ban Co Peak

Ban Co Peak is among the most popular destinations on Son Tra Mountain, nearly 4 kilometers from Vong Canh House. It earns a proud reputation as the “roof of Da Nang” due to its high altitude of 700 meters above sea level.

Ban Co Peak - Chessboard Peak Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

This peak is known for its unbelievable point of view, which encloses all the landscapes of Da Nang in one glance. Hence, holidaymakers are crazy over its natural sights, especially during sunrise and sunset moments.

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda

Also, among the popular names for Monkey Mountain’s best places, you might have heard of Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda. Its distance to Vong Canh House is around 10 kilometers (20 minutes).

Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda on Monkey Mountain - Hue Private Taxi

Upon visiting this sacred site, you can relish the blessed atmosphere of nature and Buddhism. Apart from its best feature as the tallest Lady Buddha statue in Vietnam, you can see heavenly gardens of bonsais, Buddhist structures, majestic sea views, and adorable monkeys.

Dong Dinh Museum

Dong Dinh Museum Da Nang is close to Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, so you might also want to drop by this place. Referred to as a “Garden of Memories,” it’s a private art space for abundant flora, exhibitions of the local old ways of living, art displays, and vintage house architecture.

It welcomes visitors to a place of tranquil nature, valuable culture, and artistic manifestations.

Dong Dinh Art Museum Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

Tien Sa Lighthouse

If you want more challenges and adventures, you should add Tien Sa Lighthouse to your trip to Monkey Mountain Da Nang. It’s farther (14 kilometers from Vong Canh House) and more difficult to access due to steep slopes, narrow paths, and several bends.

Tien Sa Lighthouse on Monkey Mountain Da Nang - Hue Private Taxi

Nevertheless, it gives you a worthy challenge and a great reward with fairy-tale-like beauty. Located at the end of the Son Tra Peninsula with an altitude of only 200 meters, it’s very close to the sea. Thus, it allows vacationers to closely admire a harmonious combination of the sea, the sky, and the charming natural setting.

Good-To-Know Advice

  • The route to Vong Canh House has concrete paths, but it’s very steep and bendy. Therefore, you must ensure safe transportation.
  • If you decide to ride on your own, please make sure you have good riding and navigation skills. Also, you must ride a manual motorcycle instead of an automatic scooter.
  • Don’t forget to check your vehicle’s engines and gasoline levels before going.
  • We recommend wearing sports shoes and simple, comfy clothes because your trip requires lots of outdoor time and moves.
  • When visiting Vong Canh House, you should bring hats and light jackets to avoid direct sunlight, sunscreen, bug repellents, bottled water, and fully charged phones or cameras.
  • They don’t prohibit bringing food to the mountain, but you mustn’t litter.
  • Be careful if you arrive too early for the sunrise and leave too late for the sunset, as it’s dark and quite dangerous.
  • We suggest you start as early as possible to have enough time to visit many places on Monkey Mountain.
  • The paths on the Son Tra Peninsula become very slippery during the wet season.


To conclude, we should recognize Vong Canh House Da Nang as an intriguing venue for sightseeing. It attracts tons of holidaymakers thanks to scenic views, natural vistas, and fresh air. As a result, it always sets a good mood for sightseers.

If you want to have a relaxing time in Da Nang City, don’t miss out on this special place. Hue Private Taxi hopes that you find our travel blog helpful. Thanks for reading.

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